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Oleh : Khairina Nur Fajriyah, S.Pd

Guru Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris SMP Al Bayan Islamic School, Jakarta Barat

Khairina Nur Fajriyah, S.Pd

       When we found our teaching and learning process is boring and so passive or even teacher is the only one source of information for the students, what should we do as a teacher? Nowadays we are required to be the 21st century teacher where a teacher only as facilitator, so we have to be creative and of course we need to find some ways to make our learning and teaching more active and fun. Here I want to share step by step the teaching and learning process especially for English subject.

After the opening and before we starting the learning and teaching process, we can use an interesting game to foster the students’ enthusiasm. We can use any kinds of game for the ice breaking, even it is related to the material or no. Here I use ‘Word Wall’ for the ice breaking, we can also use other kind of game we know but remember nowadays the students more interested in something related to the technology then try to use the current games.

       After the ice breaking, we go to the warm-up section. In this part, I try to use scientific approach. The students are required to have deepened their knowledge of the topics to be discussed independently, so as the warm-up we can start the discussion about the material they found independently. After the discussion is over, the teacher can explain the material to avoid misconception between teachers and students or between one student to another student.

Next, we can give the students some exercises so they can understand more deeply about the topic being learned. And after the exercises, give them assignment that related to their situation or we can say that the assignment given is based on the problem (Problem based learning). The students will be more enthusiastic in doing it. 

At the last part, don’t forget to do the reflection. In this part teachers ask about the students difficulties during the learning and teaching process and also ask their feeling to build intimacy between teachers and students. 

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